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“Stromatolites is unique in Morphogenesis’ recorded output in that it specifically requires the use of overdubbing, whereas most of the band’s other work is recorded live. Instead of “overdubbing,” the group prefers the term “lamination pieces” for these tracks, which are mixed in the studio by superimposing separately recorded material (even from completely different recording times and locations). Because of the lamination, even though the two “Stromatolites” tracks were recorded with a small number of group members (three instead of the usual five or six), the sound is every bit as full, and inhabits very similar sound worlds, as Morphogenesis’ other works. The group regards the lamination pieces as open-ended constructions, and indicates that they exist in more than one version (although only these two have been committed to compact disc to date). “Dark Abyss” was recorded live with the more typical five-person lineup, and an immediately audible difference is the way the players respond to each other’s events, an effect that can only be simulated in the lamination pieces. All three tracks on this album are louder and harsher due to more use of amplified springs, which tend to generate a noisy metallic sound, and less use of acoustic instruments such as piano. The organic unfolding and underlying shortwave and biofeedback drones make this a recognizable Morphogenesis album, and the lamination pieces introduce a new mechanism for producing unusual sonic landscapes.”