Uncertain Symmetry

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“Now this sounds like a very interesting collaboration: knowing Myers’ work as Arcane Device and Dimuzio’s more ‘composed’ work I was pretty curious as to how these two would work out things. As far as I can understand from the liner notes, the original material was recorded by Myers, who then handed it over to Dimuzio for (re)sampling, (re)processing and (re)contextualization. Dimuzio also added feedback sine waves. My first impression was one of surprise really: gentle feedback sounds, layered and with strange beeps here and there, even sound sounding like basslines. Not quite what I had expected, knowing some of these men’s work. But the surprise is certainly one of a positive kind: there is actually something light and funny in this music, it’s far less serious or gloomy than I had anticipated. Matter of fact is: this could well be sold in the more experimental techno shops. I am sure that some DJ’s would have great fun with it. This doesn’t imply that this is merely another techno record, far from it. It is too accomplished for your average 4/4 stuff, and way too weird. But still, the more adventurous ones will like it. So, back to the disc: it contains twelve tracks of varying lengths and sound palette. From more drone/ambient works to beepy pieces with pretty high-strung energy. And even melodic ones (although very odd), that somehow seem to hold my favour most. Who would have thought? A very varied CD, both in style and in atmosphere. Recommended.” MR