Bootleg Unit

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Bootleg Unit is a trio that blends the tradition of free jazz and electroacoustic sonic possibilities of tape loops. The combination of acoustic instruments and tape recorders, using loop tapes and live sampling, creates a music made of sharp cuts, weird grooves and broken loops. Surprising sounds comes from prepared drums and birdy saxophone patterns. Suddenly, it looks like there is a full horn section or a ghost epileptic drummer coming from nowhere. The space is constantly moving so the ear and the mind are challenged at any given moment; will you find out where the sounds come from? Or will you accept to loose yourself in the clusters of sound illusions?

First Bootleg Unit album Honey, did you break all my jazz cassettes? is released for FMR Records UK.

Bootleg Unit are:
Jaka Berger – prepared drums
Colin Petit – Revox tape machines
Jure Boršič – alto saxophone

Recorded in Radio Študent Ljubljana studio
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jure Gruden
Artwork by Brgs