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What we talk about when we talk about love? Maybe about the smells that linger on the ceiling and those that fly out if you open the window properly just for once. Does it still smell like chocolate in the Blenio Valley? Like many a jittery Zurich resident whose mood has been damped by the affairs in the city, Simon has taken to hiding in Ticino. Pandemic times and opportunity to collect stones, drum, breathe. But Simon, electrified, let the piezo effect play around his wooden sticks and obsessively turned the knobs of his sound synthesis machines, and all that beautiful calmness evaporated again. The seeker back in Berlin, then in a dank Zurich basement, in search of a sound – artist remains artist, an obsessive obsessed. Thank goodness.

A1. Verschnitt
A2. Einschnitt
B1. Abschnitt
B2. Zuschnitt