Lena Lepidoptera – A Lena Platonos Fanzine

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Paperback, 13×19 cm, 8 pages, saddle stitched, 2 colours, riso, numbered edition of 80, postcard insert.

“A fanzine inspired by Greek synth musician-poet-goddess Lena Platonos and her 1986 album Lepidoptera, reissued in 2018 on Dark Entries Records. Incorporates fragments of her lyrics/poetry and music video stills in dark and dreamy collages about the struggle of coming to terms with a morphing identity, and finding peace, power and transcendence through transformation. Bilingual design in Greek and English. Includes a separate A6 art postcard insert with mysterious butterfly runes connected to the zine.

50% of proceeds from this zine will be donated to Colour Youth, an Athens-based LGBTQ youth rights activist organization, in honour of all the butterflies who have been long time fans of Lena yet continue to face severe discrimination and violence there today.

Risoprinted in Fluo Pink and Federal Blue ink on 175gsm Metapaper
Includes A6 postcard insert, 2-color riso printed on 270gsm cardstock
Comes protected in plastic sleeve