Blood Dreams. A Zine Of Menstrual Dreams

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Zine, DIY, A6 size, 28 pages, second edition of 40 numbered copies.

A self-reflective zine of intense dreams that occurred during menstrual periods, reproduced unedited from half-awake, stream-of-conscious entries in my dream journal with some additional illustrations.

Vivid dreams are a symptom of PMS that can be disturbing, but are also gateways that open up to women once a month, allowing them to explore their subconscious more clearly. Dreams have always been a deep and inspiring source of introspection, creativity and intuition to women, and the most vivid ones occur regularly enough for me to usually predict my period arriving soon after having them.

The inspiration to make a zine out of these “blood dreams” came after spontaneously making a series of moody moon illustrations while menstruating during a full moon of particular intensity.

While very personal, I hope this zine can inspire other women to embrace their menstruation and explore their subconscious activity and sensitivity beyond the blood without shame.

20% of proceeds donated to PERIOD. (period. org), a global youth-powered non profit focused on eradicating period poverty and period stigma through service, education and advocacy.