Une Fille Pétrifiée

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“I am sitting in a garden, I haven’t left the property in weeks, someone is dropping off food once a week. I haven’t seen a human being in ages, I feel like a reverse Schroedinger cat – do I exist when nobody sees me? I must be somewhere in France but I don’t remember. I have lost my consciousness again. When I wake up I hear a broken record looping somewhere in the mansion. A washed-out opera. Behind the trees I see the dilapidated hermaphrodite sculpture in a field of verdant nettles and fern. I hear gunshots far afield, aeroplanes in the sky, sirens on the main road.

When unconscious I dreamt of sitting on the Concorde observing the scarab blue ocean and iridescent clouds from above, an erstwhile receding memory. Sometimes I hear the organ of the nearby Renaissance Cathedral merging with the Russian Church bells.

I am hallucinating again. Someone’s humming in the kitchen? Singing? A Radio? I overhear two young women talking about art galleries in the neighbour’s garden. Bees attack, again…..again and again. The hairspray finally intoxicates them. An amphoric japanese voice is whispering in my head saying I will die soon. Someone (something?) bangs on the vases. The fountain’s water turns dark red.

Fleur calls and says mum died. The funeral will be televised on tuesday. We opt for the synthetic choir for the service. The call is suddenly interrupted. Mold is slowly taking over the house.
I go back inside.”

A1 Enter Mirror Hotel
A2 Satyre et Hermaphrodite
A3 Musique Dans Les Ténèbres
A4 Sécheresse
A5 Le Temps Isolé
A6 Voiles Bleues Et Sable Doré
B1 Le Rêveur Illimité
B2 Menschen Im Null-Raum
B3 Argent De Rêve
B4 Une Fille Pétrifiée
B5 La Flèche Simple
B6 Le Temps Du Loup