Sycophantic Friends

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“Atamina, or actually we should say Dr. Professor Atamina, is one of the protagonists of the new wave of Kologo Power, a music scene that hails from Ghana’s North East Region, that spread all over Ghana after King Ayisoba’s number one kologo hit song “I want to see you my father”, and is now conquering the whole world. Atamina is the smart guy, with tongue-in-cheek social-critical lyrics, pulling away the carpet under the feet of West Africa’s new developing bourgeoisies. There is a strong link to the Delta blues with it’s story-telling but Atamina might as well be called the Sleaford Mods of West Africa with his stripped beats and obnoxious rants.”

A1. Sycophantic Friends
A2. Enjoy Yourself
A3. When Two Elephants Fight
A4. No One Wants To Die
B1. Rubber Song
B2. Cuhumenga
B3. Bakolko
B4. Yine Nbise Mam
B5. Cizigra Seem N Cayangr