PM016 (2020 Remaster)

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“Arbitrary presents the 2020 remaster & vinyl reissue of PM016 by Danish musician Mads Emil Nielsen, re-mastered and cut by Kassian Troyer, with cover artwork by visual artist Dane Patterson.

Originally released as limited edition C30 tape on Plant Migration Records in 2014, the four pieces on Nielsen’s first solo release are based on short orchestral and percussive samples manipulated by various synthesizer modules and effects processors. Variations are created by emphasizing different frequencies, harmonics, sections of short loops and the various surprises that result from the idiosyncrasies of each machine.

This vinyl reissue is part of the Black Box series of releases with music & audio originally made for theatre pieces, performances, installations, radio soundtracks, compilations and remix collaborations. The series showcases a more melodic side of Mads Emil Nielsen’s work, who, during recent years, has been focused on more abstract electronic/acoustic material – such as his collaboration with Andrea Neumann and Framework series (graphic scores & recordings).

Written & produced by Mads Emil Nielsen, Copenhagen, 2013.
Originally released as limited edition C30 tape on Plant Migration Records (US), 2014. A1: Glow was featured on The Wire Tapper 37 (Wire Magazine).
Cover artwork by Dane Patterson. Layout by Mads Emil Nielsen.
Thanks to Dane Patterson and Andrew Pekler.”

A1. Glow 7:25
A2. Sway 9:00
B1. In Circles 5:35
B2. Endeavour 8:59