La Vie Tue

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“La vie tue is a formidable, dissonant, awkward, salacious album with 12 titles.

Costes practices the scorched earth policy. Everything you can listen to after it is made paltry and lighter than air. This is also what we recognize important records. They are not necessarily fun but replace all the others. The killed life is a major disc, stupid and brilliant, regressive and decisive, a political record and in its way more ecumenical and unifying than all the speeches of national reconciliation.
500 numbered copies.”

A1. Crépuscule 3:02
A2. L’amour est mort 2:19
A3. Préhistorique 4:16
A4. Allongé dans un pré 2:39
A5. La Coco 4:23
A6. Tout ira bien 1:07
B1. Trop belle pour moi 2:25
B2. La vie tue 3:24
B3. SMS dans les toilettes 2:35
B4. Dans un monde sans musique 4:42
B5. Un pont suspendu 3:04
B6. Ça va faire boum 3:34