Devilock / Yellow Swans

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Limited edition of 500 copies. Silk screened cover.
Devillock side was assembled from a live recording made on 12/02/05. The version heard here differs greatly from its original performance.

Yellow Swans, improvisational music, primarily using electronic instruments and processing, with respect to the methodology of international underground music and DIY culture. Musically comparable to a distillation of American hardcore, Free improvisation, Dub, Hip Hop, Noise, Industrial, and Modern Composition. Interested in full spectrum tonality, sonic exploration, the opening of new doors of perception, spiritual journey, and the establishment of new, meaningful shared cultural experience in the tradition of folk and native music from around the globe. Interested in full spectrum tonality, sonic exploration, and free form musical construction.

A1. Devillock – 12/02/05 4:50
B1. Yellow Swans – Untitled 6:18