Fraktur EP

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“ESHU Records hits release number ten with a new EP from the in-house production collective made up of Jocelyn Abell, Ivano Tetelepta and Daniel Lekatompessy. Fraktur features six tracks of stripped back house and techno that are all atmospheric and heady. Opener Winter Track is a smooth and rolling dub techno number that is grainy and economical yet hugely absorbing thanks to its circling synth details and woody drums. Creating Moods is even more expansive and spacious, with gently swirling pads enveloping a soft, broken rubber kick drum. The title track is another expertly distilled, dry and heady groove with its frayed edges and warm analogue feel, then ‘Hello’ really flips the script with over driven Jeff Mills kicks and intergalactic synths bring a spooky sci-fi feel to proceedings. Yorubaland is then a cosmic ambient interlude with fax tones bleeping and blipping as lazy pads smear out in the background and last of all Core comes on strong with more quick and slick intergalactic techno carrying you off to some distant planet. This is another faultless EP from this fine Dutch collective. Pressed on 180 grams vinyl.”