Gazing In A Social Hub

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Side A: 33rpm / Side B: 45rpm

“Berlin based producer and DJ Hector Oaks’ new EP under his quite new moniker Cadency.

His previous “Digitally Controlled Emotionless Systems” or the limited 10“ produced for the Berliner Herrensauna party, “Avoid your Nation”, were solid enough blocks to draw his musical speech. Héctor Oaks is the man standing behind the Cadency project and with Gazing in a Social Hub we might be in front of the heaviest, stubbornest and more serious attempt of his discography under that alias.

Recorded in Kreuzberg, Berlin, in the winter of 2015/2016, this 4 highly tensed tunes, rhythmically conducted by distorted classic drum machines, switch in between frames of mind. From hard hitting melancholic Electro, acidly driven, to the edgy emotional character of “Ignorance is Strength”. This EP will stay in your record bag.

Compiled and Selected by Jose Cabrera AKA J.C.”