Phindings EP

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“The ‘Phindings EP’ is the vinyl debut from the visual bass music duo SUUB.

The a-side serves ‘Gaussian Swagger’ (130 Bpm) – a breaky, rhythmically vibrating sub bass worm directly infiltrating your ears and feet. It includes well programmed bass-heavy synths and precisely processed drum s– the ingredients SUUB is known for. The flip-side with ‘Straight In No Kissin’’ (170/85 Bpm) is a more engaging tune: Fast syncopated drum breaks oscillate around constantly and algorithmically evolving synth melodies.

SUUB is a liaison dangereuse between the dub long timer Beam Up and the dub/dubstep drummer DJ Giotto. The resulting tracks are mixtures of playful deep basses and rolling breaks – a must have for every bass music enthusiast.”