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“”Echtzeit” is Qluster’s sixth album. After the pure piano work on “Tasten” (2015), the group has now returned to their electronic equipment with renewed vigour on “Echtzeit”. Yet Roedelius’ favourite instrument, the piano, also receives its due. Large parts of the album were recorded in a church.

“The principle behind the creative process for Kluster/Cluster/ Qluster has always been much the same: Musical structures arise from the moment. The pieces on their albums are passages taken from long improvisations that feature a special atmosphere and engaging patterns or figures. Playful experimentation with new instruments and effects or settings is often what leads to the creative spark.

Despite their high affinity for experimentation, the term “experimental music” would be misplaced here. Dissonance, noises or glitch sounds are largely absent. “Echtzeit” is consistently more harmonious and accessible than their previous electronic albums. The album “Lauschen” from 2013 previously indicated the direction in which Qluster is currently moving. “Echtzeit” is contemplative, mature, intelligent electronic music that could significantly expand the trio’s audience”.

“Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Onnen Bock and Armin Metz are Qluster, founded under the name of Kluster in 1969 by Roedelius, Dieter Moebius and Conrad Schnitzler. Kluster were responsible for two milestones of electronic music. Schnitzler quit the band two years later, leaving Roedelius and Moebius to carry on as Cluster. When the duo disbanded in 2010, Roedelius continued to fly the K/Cluster flag, this time as Qluster, joined by the keyboarder and electronic musician Onnen Bock. The duo again became a trio in 2013, when multi-instrumentalist Armin Metz joined Qluster’s ranks.””