Argument #03

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“Argument #03 is the third instalment in Cage Suburbia’s series of Argument EPs, as well as their first 12” vinyl release. It shows the duo of Haunter Records’ co-founder Daniele Guerrini (also in Heith) and Matthias Girardi (AKA Weightausend) raising the confrontation level to a new high. Mixing their technoid barrage with jungle breakbeats, noise and dub techniques at various BPM speeds, they do not fail to deliver the usual amount of radical acid distortion. As with the other two “Arguments”, this EP represents a heavy anti-authoritarian stance in both sound and concept. “ROB THE BANK. KILL THE GUARDS”: sampling Klaus Maeck’s pirate cult classic “Decoder”, Cage Suburbia openly call for cultural infection and street-wise spiritual resistance. This is punk rock for the paranoid age, insurrectional party music, intelligence research for the funnier side of destruction. As always, it’s been cut and edited from a series of improvisations on hardware samplers, drum machines and various sound sources, recorded live from a stereo output. Comes with a set of stickers to incite riots in your neighbourhood.

Recorded and produced by Daniele Guerrini & Matthias Girardi. Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering.”