Poems 1950-2003

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Recorded from 2000-2003. Full colour pictured disc packaged in a b&w white sleeve with liner notes by the artist.

A1. The End Of The World 0:17
A2. Once Upon A Time 0:24
A3. Good Evening, Herr Goethe… 0:16
A4. Good Evening, Dear Friedrich… 0:16
A5. For Marilyn Monroe 0:23
A6. Ach Bun Was 0:24
A7. The Moon Is Green / Der Mond Ist Grün 0:44
A8. Oracle 1:34
A9. The Last French-Fried Potato 0:17
A10. I Think Therefore I Am 1:42
A11. A Book About Eggs 0:47
A12. Litany And Response For Alison Knowles I 1:41
A13. Litany And Response For Alison Knowles II 0:48
A14. A Selection From 5,000 New Ways 2:16
A15. Duet 1:32
A16. Do You Remember? 2:20
A17. Triadic Landscapes 1:31
B1. Rotapoems, Six Variations On A Poem By Dieter Roth From His Lyrical Collection “Scheisse” 3:29
B2. For Diter Rot 0:34
B3. A Fragment 3:23
B4. Souvenir Portraits From The Passing Parade In Dreamland 1:16
B5. Portraits Of The Artist With Holes In His Head 0:47
B6. Portraits Of The Artist As Primitive Man 0:30
B7. Portraits Of The Artist As Dowager Empresses 0:34
B8. Portrait-Studies Of Wholesale Meat Distributors 1:10
B9. A Portrait Gallery Of Snoopers And Snuffers 0:50
B10. Performance Art 0:36
B11. In Vino Veritats 0:15
B12. Vergissmeinnichte 0:28
B13. Aphrodisiacal Applesauce 3:46
B14. A Broken Alphabet 1:33