XL Suns

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XL Suns LP continues the multi-layered synth “pop” style Nuslux has started in his 7″s…
“Played in 2013-1014 by Roope Eronen with Roland SH-2000, Vermona Mono Lancet, Spring King Reverb, piano, bass guitar and some random equipment.”

A1. Trash Island 1:41
A2. Bubbles 2:06
A3. Acid Rain 2:42
A4. Music For Airports 2:40
A5. Grapes Of Death 1:28
A6. Fever City 1:02
A7. Yeast Castle 2:17
B1. Wrong Door 1:00
B2. Coctail Patrol 3:21
B3. Plastic Clouds 1:56
B4. Endless Summer 2:04
B5. Golem 1:17
B6. Zoom 4:56