Plays Spiral & Metatron’s Cube

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is composed using single notes cut out from Henning Christiansen’s Opus 3, 7b & 53. New order.
Metatron’s Cube
is written around the archangel metatron’s cube, metatron guards the tree of life.
The first circle of the cube presents his interval.
The notes in the last circle is the ground notes of the planets from the sun to Pluto leaving out earth & Neptune.

Asger Hartvig plays tenor saxophone.
J. Lund plays baritone saxophone
Maria Bertel plays trombone
Andreas Führer plays organ & drumset.
Tr Kirstein plays percussion.
Compositions by J. Lund.
Recorded at Mayhem the 28th of June 2013.
Spiral mixed by J. Lund.
Metatron’s Cube mixed by A. Hartvig, A. Führer & J. Lund.
Master by J. Lund. 
Cover by M. Westrup.”