Corrugated Recycles

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“NNNJ brings his debut EP to the Agriculture. These tracks are soft and warm downtempo ballads, which dodge the well-known genres while winking at them. Dub, drum & bass, weed hop, and post-idm programming can all be seen as influences here, but NNNJ’s soul breaks free and gives these tracks a life of their own. He uses melody and bass in a unique way, giving the gritty rugged rhythms a beautiful, uplifting jolt. The production has a large dynamic range, combining an intricate comprehension of composition and arrangement with an easy going attitude. NNNJ (pronounced “inch”) has been bumping around Brooklyn for the last few years, popping up and then disappearing for weeks. Martin Baumgartner would bring him to some of the Lunchbox mixdown sessions, which accounts for the clear influence Lunchbox has had on his sound. Martin thinks NNNJ comes from Montreal, and mentioned something about his mother being from Fiji. These tracks were just left on the Agriculture doorstep with a note that he will finish another EP soon.”