Te Huur

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limited edition of 300 copies, screenprinted cover.

“The B-side of Te Huur is entirely occupied by Dogra Magra, which synthesizes in twenty minutes all that Lena Circus explored above. Alternating salient burst and sepulchral semi-silence, this piece is started by a maelstrom of metallic screeching and leaded explosions whose embers soon prove soluble in the tormented drone, before passing again through a phase of howling and steep acrimony. In the last part of Dogra Magra, we are projected almost as impromptu In a cavernous stroll where percussions and gongs evacuate the previous tensions and boiler rooms to white, and impose a return to a kind of serenity still wet from all the furious perspirations previously crossed. Like a sublime convulsion in a state of freezing… »