L’Opus L’H

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“Dutch artist/musician Raymond Dijkstra is one of the most radical and original composers around today. With a clear DIY ethos and self-imposed restrictions he has created a singular universe all by himself. In the past 7 years he has (self-)released countless LP’s, 7″ , 5″ & 3″ Vinyl releases in very tiny editions on his Le Souffleur label, all packaged in carefully edited artworks made by Dijkstra himself.
“L’Opus L’H” will be one of his first widely available releases since 2003’s collaboration with Timo van Luijk (Af Ursin, Noise Maker’s Fifes, In Camera, Nurse With Wound) as Asra.

Dijkstra is using a minimal set-up for all of his compositions: harmonium, scraping metal & glass, and, exclusively to his “Opus” cycle the addition of tuba, strings and audio effects. He’s exploring these small parameters in an improvised and highly personal, often trance-like, ecstatic setting comparable to “Automatic Writing” or “Surrealist Automatism” techniques. By offensively restricting and repeating his methods he is able to profoundly explore the depths of the particular sounds and, not least, of the player/composer’s psyche itself.
“L’Opus L’H” is the second title in Dijkstra’s series “The Advantages of Schizophrenia”.”