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“Klaus Roeder is guitar virtuoso an electronic music artist who studied with Kelemen and joined Kraftwerk for their famous “Autobahn” LP.
He often works with very small sound particles, whose sound comes from different sources like tearing paper, the voice, a musical instrument, synthesizer or computer sounds. Sound structures are built by joining together those sound particles and by mixing those structures Roeder forms chords. Then the process of crystallization begins. Usually crystallization means that small parts are deposited around a germ and form a growing crystal. The shape of the complete crystal is a consequence of outer influences. A series of sound crystals forms then the complete musical composition.
Side 1 presents two electronic music works:”10: 11: 12″ (1980) for self-built Impulse Generator is an obscure, very minimal and abstract pulsating piece, while “Kristallisation 4 (1991) for Computer Sounds and Yamaha DX 802 might be considered one of the peaks of Klaus Roeder “Kristallisation” series. Side 2 introduces us to a different formal result of Roeder crystallisation process: the short “Haenschen Blues” (1993) for children singing and crying, Yamaha TX 802 controlled by selfmade programs for Atari TT is a both playful and sinister electronic assemblage anticipating the peak of this record, “Potpourri” (1985) a Collage of short sound particles from German Pop Hits of the 1970s and 1980s. In the perspective on sound collages (from Battiato “Ethika Fon Ethica” to Bladder Flask first LP, from NWW most surrealistic works to John Oswald classic plunderphonics)”Potpourri” might be more close to the brut masterpiece “InOut” by Anton Bruhin, only constructed in a more advanced and scientific way.
Edition limited to 300 copies, also including a series of inserts with the diagrams and schedules of the 4 compositions presented on this LP.”