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“Not so long ago Olaf Ladousse (visual artist doing his D.I.Y. graphzines QUE SUERTE! And collaborating to silkscreen editor Le Dernier Cri) started to build circuit-bended toys that he called doorags in a tribute to an amazing US Arizona duo. To spread the good news around the globe LCDD (“Los Caballos De Düsseldorf” = The Düsseldorf Horses), was formed by 4 musicians who usually play in the Spanish punk scene. LCDD is an improvisation collective, a scenic platform, an open band. There is no fix line-up. Anyone willing to play the doorags are welcome! This is the 2º Lp from LCDD. It’s totally improvised. Doorags are directly plugged in the mixer and then you start to hear the accelerated toys’ cacophony improvising towards a hypothetical track…The perfect soundtrack of a crazy bedroom full of demented broken toys going insane!! On this record (limited 300 copies), along with the four original members, joined Potro Oscilante (Poulin Oscillant) with his theremin on the track “Clop Clop Hum” and Fela Borbone (Ulan Bator Trio) with his Mierdofon on the track “Mierdofon”