Sample Your Hearbeat To Stay Alive

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Sample Your Heartbeat To Stay Alive by The Scarabeusdream is about going through the desert. Their musical style can be described by many opposites, classic and modern, gentleness and aggression, which come together as close as possible. The result of only playing piano, drums turns out to be the reduction to minimal essentials on the one hand, but also huge orchestral sounds on the other hand. Melancholy and destruction are pushing things forward to build up the crescendo of life. The album is telling a story: being so tried of always trying to make a change and screaming out “new philosophy” the same time. From this point to “be even here, when nobody cares” there is sample your heartbeat to stay alive. “The Scarabeusdream – a mixture of White Stripes, Sigur Rós and Aphex Twin.” M. Thornhill, XL-Records