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All music was made with an electric guitar and some analogue effect units.
Direct DAT recording. No overdubs.

“”spitrobot” is the debut-release of the cologne-based guitar player and producer raphael smarzoch, which contains two intensive attacks of heavily treated guitar madness. side a contains an ecstatic, but almost minimal piece or pure feedback freakout, while on side b the six stings almost sound like a dark, surreal layers of organ sounds. it might be of no surprise that both the thick, subterranean metal of sun o))) and the power electronics of the wolf eyes are the most important influences for smarzochs noise pieces. “spitrobot” is the work of one of the most talented guitar players and an promising, impressive initial point in the discography of the 23-year old raphael smarzoch which you definitely shouldn’t miss if you’re into the solo-works of kevin drumm, agata or joseph suchy.” – Tonschacht

A1. Spitrobot Goes Shopping 3:36
B1. The Return Of The Spitrobot 3:34