Despair 2007

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“This was first released in 1983 by Twin Vision (Twin 1) on VHS.
The material was “renovated extended and digitally overworked by CaTV”.

There are significant differences between sleeve, DVD interface/menu and content.

S.P.K. For Mental Health filmed in 1979 with V.J. Stephen Jones. Dedicated to Ni/H/il. Referred to in the DVD interface/menu simply as “S.P.K. – 1979”
Brickwerks recorded / filmed live in Sydney 1981.
Live At Sam’s recorded / filmed live in Minneapolis 1982.

The SnaPshocKs section features two theme-specific slideshows of unpublished stills accompanied by music by SPK.

Also features an internet link to S.P.K. Online.

The DVD is packaged in a cardboard foldout slipcase. Comes with a postcard.

R Rated: 18+

(The DVD itself rates this “X Rated: 18+”)

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