Altars of Science

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“The work of Cologne based Marcus Schmickler has over the years crossed the boundaries between classical and pop, improvisation and techno. Active as a solo artist under his own name, as well as working under the Pluramon moniker with Julee Cruise, plus countless collaborations in the filed of electronic improvisation. ‘Altars Of Science’ is Schmickler’s first purely electronic release since 1998’s prize winning ‘Sator Rotas’. A fascinating ‘tour de force’ of modern computer music composition. Intense in its outlook, yet polished in its execution, making it an essential addition to any serious collection of 21st century audio. This special DVD+ contains two versions of the same piece; Stereo Mix playable on all CD playing devices, and the mind blowing Multi Channel Mix, playable on DVD players set up to 5.1.”