Ballad(s) For Quiet Horizons

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“”Wave upon wave…motion folded into motion” – Canberra Contemporary Art Space

Scott Morrison is one of Australia’s best kept secrets.

Working away solidly under the radar for more than half a decade, Morrison’s practise has sauntered between affairs with the fine arts, architectural installation and live performance. Until this point, his work has remained entirely undocumented – existing purely in the temporality of his installations and performances.

On Ballad(s) For Quiet Horizons, Morrison offers a series of visionary and intensely individual audio visual works. Each piece sketches out the framework around his aesthetic interests in landscape, density, texture and above all time. Works like A Field For Your Thoughts, blur the edges of time, wrapping stolen moments and motions across one another creating a hazy almost psychedelic effect. His ability to bend perception, both subtly and radically, is unlike that of any other artist and it’s this which has earned him such a strong reputation.

Sonically, Morrison’s work explores the ‘found sound’ elements collected whilst shooting. These elements, like his video materials, are edited and processed unveiling unexpected relationships, resonances and qualities. Ballad(s) For Quiet Horizons is a collection of audio visual works that act in sensory unison.“