Fantasy League

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“What is Fantasy League?

Brisbane artist Andrew Tuttle has sort to ponder the curious provocation. Taking his unique blend of acoustic and electronic elements as a starting point, Tuttle has devised an approach to the notion of Fantasy League loosely based upon the idea of the creation of an album as a utopian fantasy environment.

This environment sets social interaction against total isolation. It sets self reflexivity against self confidence, it promises to complete you, as you complete it. But at what point is the fantasy to be broken? At what point must the music fall away from the promise of becoming and into the concrete nature of being? In Fantasy League, your position is only ever as certain as your desires. Music and self are in unison, but never settled or steady.

* Sonic Masala: Fantasy League aims to capture the listener in a phantasmagoria that calms and enraptures, beguiles and bewitches.
* Sound Doctrine: “Whorls of guitar are overcome by droning rhythms, to be overtaken by thundering organs or fluttering electronic blips.”
* The Formant: “Tuttle’s synthetic folk sees a lazy-summer night’s banjo bounce over the subtly orchestrated drones and feedback”

About Andrew Tuttle:

Based in Brisbane, Australia, in recent years Andrew Tuttle has released recordings on A Guide To Saints/Room40 and Heligator; as well as several private press mixtapes.

Tuttle has collaborated live or on record with artists including Matmos, Lawrence English, Blank Realm, Mike Cooper and Heinz Riegler; and shared concert lineups with Matmos, Julia Holter, Hauschka, The Soft Pink Truth, Forest Swords, Omar Souleyman, OM, Marihiko Hara and countless others.

Prior to 2013, Tuttle created music under the nom de musique of Anonymeye, releasing three albums and performing 100+ concerts in Australia, Europe and New Zealand.”