Structure Of Water

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Edition of 60 copies.
Music: metra.vestlud
Design: Kmerl
Recorded at Yekaterinburg, Russia

Oxygen, water, bubbles, outflows, movements and bends of water, the dance of round bubbles that replace each other. They fly around stretching and thickening. Such is the structure of water. Water is another level of consciousness inaccessible to human understanding. To understand the water you need to merge with her and become her.

A1. H2 5:52
A2. Bubbles 2:48
A3. Microbes 3:02
A4. Primordial Soup 2:20
A5. Under the Pitfails 4:01
B1. Single Fish Walk 2:56
B2. Sea Weed 3:08
B3. Chloroplast 3:28
B4. Melanocetus Johnsonii 2:28
B5. In the Depths 2:52
B6. Dance of Molecules 2:40