S​/​t [κασέτα]

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“This new tape release by The Pitch comprises two renditions of two of their newest compositional strategies (Molecular Motion and Pillars) captured with a new combined double cassette machine and digital stereo recording technique creating cassette delay and a grimy, expanded, acoustic sound.

The Pitch uses these compositional strategies to create pieces which give the players choices that can be made as they play in each particular musical environment. The balance and circumstances change from moment to moment depending on the individual decisions regarding dynamics, pitch, octaves, doublings and so on. The tension this creates keeps every rendition dynamic and alive. A challenge to play together and create a brilliant surface above unfathomable depths inside of a set structure every time.”

Boris Baltschun, electric pump organ / electronics
Koen Nutters, upright bass
Morten J. Olsen, vibraphone / tape delay
Michael Thieke, clarinet

A1. Molecular Motion 12:59
B1. Pillars 12:23