Metal Vessel Music

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“Taking influence from bands such as Boredoms and Napalm Death, the duo of Eirik Havnes (Guitar/FX/Vox) and Utku Tavil (Drums, FX, Vox) play loud, fast music where the axes of metal and noise intersect. In 2017 the band recorded Metal Vessel Music in the decrepit tanks of an East-German fishing vessel, Ms. Stubnitz, in the aftermath of a European tour. Turbohaler have no restrictions as long as the music can be expressed live as an explosive act of energy. They play as hard as possible for as long as feasible. Metal Vessel Music captures the band’s live energy in two twelve minute blasts. CRANK IT!!!”

A1. Speak Easy 3:31
A2. Brake Free 1:16
A3. Mood Mix 3:56
A4. Mass Extinction VI 3:32
B1. Crank It 0:43
B2. Owl Creek 3:23
B3. New Beginnings 4:52
B4. No Crack 3:57