Ambient Morning

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“This is the release of a live show that took place on an early Sunday morning at Little Art Cakery in Gävle, Sweden 2019, thus aptly named Ambient Morning. The intention with making this recording in the first place was to capsulate the restful and atmospheric state of mind present on that January morning, in an otherwise bleakly winter town. The little café located in the old harbor warehouses was packed with breakfast guests willing to combine their morning coffee with some slow moving soundscapes, meant to produce a temporary reprieve from everyday insanity.

Both AKB and Slim Vic are musicians well-versed in the genre and have worked on deepening their personal takes on the aural expression separately. In recent years, they have cooperated in different live contexts, through remixes and through joint releases, such as “Frusen Kärlek på Hagaströms IP”.”

A1. Ambient Morning part 1 20:00
A2. Ambient Morning part 2 20:00
B1. Ambient Morning part 3 23:23