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C60 professional Chrome Plus tape – silk-screened transparent shell – 4-panel J-card – in norelco case – lim. ed. of 100 hand-numbered copies.

“(cendres) is the first proper long player in seven years from the Breton drone lord and finds NATURE MORTE attempting an even bleaker and more eschatological sound. The shadowy and ominous music unwinds languorously, leading the way through some deep dark and fearful passage. Here and then in the midst of all that crepuscular fogginess some sweetly mournful and hypnotic melodies shed a dim light on what once was. Everything beloved and familiar has been reduced to ashes and the sinister cinematic drones act like a psychopomp guiding the listener through the desolate wasteland. Until accomplishment is reached and the journey begins anew. Featuring Thierry Jolif of LONSAI MAÏKOV on one track.” (T)reue um (Treue)

“A full hour of harrowing drones and bleak landscape”