Guajetern…Ovvero I Ragazzi Di Via Pandisperma

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“GUAJETERN…ovvero i ragazzi di via pandisperma” is the cassette by the turkish drummer/noiser Utku Tavil based in Berlin and noiser, self made electronics, feedbacker Mario Gabola(part of the projects Aspec(t), ASpirale, Genital Warts) based in Naples, Italy; improvised noise and drifts into hiphop, metal, dub.
The title Pandisperma translated take joke of the group of scientists called “I ragazzi di via Panisperna” that studied in Italy, before the second world war, and did research for nuclear energy with application also to atomic bomb.
The packaging is hand silkscreened and the artwork reference to sperm comes from the assonance between the two words sperm and Sperna.

1. Akdeniz
2. Pay your haters
3. Come lava
4. The apester of Naples
5. L=X*Y*L
6. Turista Cimiteriale feat. Makumbo
7. Progressive rap
8. Affarfallallaria feat. Makumbo