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“Following a debut EP and several mixtapes over the past two years since Australia’s Andrew Tuttle presents Slowcation – a series of new works created at Tuttle’s home studio and during travels throughout North America and Australia throughout 2014. The eight audio works on Slowcation, derived from chance happenings, hard edits and varied sonic processes, Slowcation reflects Tuttle’s interests in the dynamics of the computer as radical transformation device for guitar, synthesiser, banjo and external environments.

Slowcation reflects Andrew Tuttle’s ongoing explorations into the relationships between instrumentation, structure and genre spanning acoustic playback, synthesis and signal processing. Side A of Slowcation was created during creative development in the USA in September 2014, immersed in sound creation in Baltimore, Los Angeles and Denver and features collaborations with M.C Schmidt (Matmos) and Christopher Fleeger. Side B, created a little closer to home, nonetheless constructs sonic imaginings from landscapes in rural New South Wales, a trans-Pacific film collaboration centred around Melbourne, and works created and inspired by Tuttle’s worker cottage home in Brisbane.

Based in Brisbane, in recent years Andrew Tuttle has collaborated live or on record with artists including Matmos, Lawrence English, Blank Realm, Mike Cooper and Heinz Riegler; and shared concert lineups with Matmos, The Soft Pink Truth, Forest Swords, OM, Marihiko Hara and countless others.”