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On the 1st of October 2020 I had a dream I was part of something. A late night open mic jam at an under-water jazz cellar, literally a flooded space underground. I set to recreate that experience Home Alone, with what sounds that looked like it.
By November I had completed building a version of a machine for accessing the dream. The Dream Machine, however, solved nothing as a bigger parallel problem had simultaneously revealed it to me that such simulation could not replace, or entirely replicate, the corresponding shared experience of Real Life Dreaming.
The time was to release what was possible to summon of the Dream Experience, and a CDr was hastily produced and given a limited-edition life of its own. What was supposed to be a relief-like revelation of one near-future utopia, the experience wavered “between unbridled relief and woefully unrealistic optimism” (NMM).
On the 17th of December 2020 a Tallinn and Helsinki based online radio station made an entirely baseless and untrue announcement that in 2021, ‘2021’ would receive a Second Life from the seminal Tampere record label Ikuisuus. Therefore, rather than allowing for the shattering of the Dream Image of a better near-future, the premonition acted as a guide for the Dream Vision from an isolated experiment to a wider world of shared experience, hence hopefully somewhat fulfilling the Dream Prediction itself.” – BE, Helsinki, 2021
Boom Edan is Tuukka Asplund. Edition of 60 copies.

A1. Jhanganá 05:06
A2. On Top of Ontopou 01:12
A3. Sad Water Tigers 02:27
A4. Spontaneous Incabuts 04:00
A5. Lonesome Epathen 02:00
B1. Adult Sauna 01:52
B2. Music Phone 02:12
B3. What’s Not? 02:54
B4. All Epathen’s Friends 08:00