Phoney Recs

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“Its been a long while since I recorded any music, still been playing but I drowned my last tape recorder crossing a river in the Ruahine Ranges. Discovered that I could record on the old cell phone my mum gave me and so decided to borrow another off a mate and try recording using 2 cell phones.

These were mostly done on an autumn afternoon in 2012. One layer was recorded on my knees in the bush. I got pins and needles. Then took the recording and lugged my gear to an old concrete hut up the top of the hill and recorded another layer up there cos the huts got a nice springy sound. For some of the tracks there’s even more layers, playing back the built up recordings on one cell phone and recording onto the other.

I think I would prefer to get another tape recorder. The sound ain’t as warm as a tape.

I didn’t release or even really listen to these again for a few years but a friend wanted to hear them and had a computer to edit them on so here they are.” – Antony Milton / Swagger Jack

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