…Und Wir Waren Nicht Die Ersten Utopisten

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The joint label of Oliver Peters (Evapori) and Nicolas Wiese (hyph) continues to produce bizarrely beautiful blossoms. Three mini-CDRs, each in an edition of 75 hand-numbered copies, have been released by artists from the direct label environment. Heidrun Schramm, who hides behind the nom de guerre Sonata Rec, works on her disc with the possibilities of using found voice fragments from the world of news as a means of design. The interruptions involuntarily draw attention to what they destroy: whirring, smallest electronic humming and crunching noises and once over a distance even something like digital water sounds, if there is that… Gregory Büttner has presented the most exciting of the three novelties, even if the first of his four tracks is a bit home-baked. Messenger is too reminiscent of There’s More To Life Than This by Björk or similar song methods: voices, music and sounds are moved to the next room and recorded as if through the wall. But the three other tracks on the Mini are all the more exciting to listen to: Büttner builds abstract soundscapes and beautiful, crackling arcs of suspense here. Jetzmann’s short work is at least in the first part very strongly influenced by the Hölderlin reading, which says a lot of truth, but leaves the music only the role of an accompanying dirt trail. The second part is tense, dense threatening gestures for theatrical fog and silent speakers.