Two Thin Eating One Fat

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Documenting following performances by Elggren and Liljenberg: A Whole in the Palisade, at Moderna Museet, Stockholm 1998. Konstskolan, in conjunction with the exhibition Saltsjöbadsdokumentet, Nacka, Sweden 1998. The Answers, Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden 1999. Partiet (The Party), Kulturbolaget, Malmö, Sweden 1994. Transformatorische Bordelle, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden 1997.

”Swedish conceptualists Leif Elggren and Thomas Liljenberg have published Experiment With Dreams, a book of outlandish letters sent to politicians, film stars and business leaders, positing absurdist questions while claiming that they had stolen Elggren and Liljenberg’s dreams. For their part, the duo assert that their dreams intermingle, as though they were attempting to communicate to each other through their nightly visions. Any intrusions from outside were addressed in the letters found in Experiment With Dreams. Two Thin Eating One Fat appears to be much more personal documentation of their dream communication – it features recordings of themselves quietly mumbling through a number of meandering narratives marked by a strange political rhetoric and the repeated phrase, ”let me in”. Thick metallic drones, distant pounding drums and rhythmic exercises with a Piezo buzzer accompany and at times interrupt the ongoing murmur. Though these recordings were originally produced for various installations and performances, the collection is remarkably consistent articulation of their absurd intellect.” (Jim Haynes; The Wire 2001)