Trapped in the Hi-Fi Zone

Artist: Keeler
Format: CD
Genre: Ambient
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“This is the second CD by Keeler to appear on Multimood and hopefully more will follow (Notes inside the booklet finally reveal more about this peculiar composer). It is also the fourth collection out of eleven that I have heard and, like ‘The Age Of The Inventor’ it propelled me with the strangest of sounds to a mysterious place where unfamiliarity rules. Keeler categorises his work as Sonic Constructions and this is most apt. He creates structurally with walls and slabs of sounds of and from varying dimensions. His sources remain unknown, disguised by manipulation and massive effects. Thick harmonic coils unwind at varispeed. The sound track for tectonic movements on a ferrous planet. A jungle of twisted steel, rusting undergrowth and flat crystalline lakes. Everything reflects everything. We are on the pristine verge of a holographic river which quietly erodes its banks, softly preparing to spill its blur of memories.” (MP)