Toki No Arika

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“Lena Circus is a Parisian experimental outfit which has been playing with Butoh performers for several years. Originally formed as a duo in 1999, it now revolves around the core trio of Guillaume Arbonville (drums, percussions), Nicolas Moulin (guitar) and Antoine Letellier (guitar, flute, yukulele).

This is the band’s first proper CD after a dozen of self-released cdr’s. It features the multiple talents of Hiroko Tomiya who, in addition to singing, uses all kinds of percussions – from small bells to stones, bamboo, sand, leaves and sea shells. She is also known for making music for Butoh dancer Atsushi Takenouchi’s performances along with being a member of his Jinen workshop.

The music of Lena Circus is simply superb. If I had to describe it in a few words, I’d say it actually sounds like a musical translation of Butoh dance movements. Not only is it the perfect companion to such an art form, I’d go as far as to say it is one of the most accomplished expressions of music AS dance.

From the very first track, the band is able to create a remarkable sense of tension. The music shows a very strong presence right from the start as some delicate electric guitar lines are heard spiralling in the background, sustained by a very subtle set of percussions. Hiroko’s voice is hovering in mid-air, tracing some ethereal melodic curves(…).” Francois Hubert (Foxy Digitalis)