Through Fire, Crevice And The Hidden Valley

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“From the 18th of May till the 1st of June 2006, I spent 15 days armed with my sax, camera, audio recorders, food and a solar recharger in the Budawang Mountains, a wilderness area in the Morton National Park, South West of Nowra on the east coast of Australia. These mountains are full of dramatic and rugged rock formations, caves, crevices and a hidden valley – it’s a wonderland of natural acoustics. Presumably people have been making music in these spaces for thousands of years, but it’s almost certain sax hasn’t been heard there before. Much of the playing was recorded on two separate devices which were later synched on computer. The results are partly musical performances and partly field recordings – the time/space played the music, as much as the musician, (birds, the weather and a Hercules troop carrier could also claim copyright). This music poses the question – how are we to conceptualize ‘nature’ in the 21st century? (JD)”