The Return Of The Old School

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“In early 2013 Berlin based pianist & curator Louis Rastig gave Ignaz Schick a „carte blanche“ to put together an ensemble project for that year’s 2nd edition of A L’Arme! Festival in Berlin. Schick decided for a carefully mixed group consisting of both electronic and acoustic players. Besides the well balanced instrumentation Schick chose an unusual blend of both Berlin based and international players – all of them have been ground breaking figures in the recent and not so recent history of creative music & improvisation. In addition to the very well selected and highly unique players Schick himself in this group decided to switch roles and perform on his primal acoustic instruments (alto sax and flute) and leave his usual role of being a live-electronics player to three different minds. The group came together in Berlin for a two day rehearsal phase and worked themselves through two stacks of loosely notated graphic scores and instructions Schick had prepared for the occasion. The scores were soon taken away after the rehearsal days and the group improvised the two parts of „The Return of the Old School“ only relying on what each player could vaguely memorize from the original sheets. There were no instructions given how to relate to the original piece and the musicians where completely free how to proceed. The resulting music is an obscure blend of minimal improvisation, cool jazz quotes and contemporary electronics. An understated non-virtuoso music which blends various different musical influences with clear reminiscences to Third Stream Music, European Improvisation, EAI, Glitch & Noise.
This album is the first volume of a planned series of releases documenting Ignaz Schick’s current acoustic works (on alto saxophone) and also functions as and marks a direct link to his recent conceptual graphic & verbal compositional output for improvising ensembles (i.e. the Circuit Training series) which will also be released pretty soon.”

1. Old School Part One 23:04
2. Old School Part Two 22:30