The Art Of Drawing The Line

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“Art of drawing the line is a beat music album. The idea was to use as less sounds as possible. The beat, bass line, lead and sample. Clean, open and spacey grooves. The album also talks about the lines we produce and cross in our lives. Also talks of how the borders in our personal life or geographical aspects affect our daily behaviour.
The artwork is blank and includes a coloured pencil so you can draw your own line and create a custom artwork unique to your personality.”

1. Ancient art of drawing the line 03:21
2. Transient paths 03:59
3. … for the night is dark and full of borders 02:56
4. State of self 04:16
5. Whole world’s a cage 03:55
6. Hundred crossings, hundred returns 03:07
7. No hats, no traps 04:00
8. Red line 03:37
9. Safe journeys beyond 04:31