Sporen / Binumb

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“On every release, FETISCH PARK want to do something different. “Sporen” and “Binumb” control the body and move you onto the post-apocalyptic dance floor. It’s a hybrid of manic techno and raw electronics that manages to evoke emotion as the sounds permeate the body.
These two tracks are are linked with “Trost part 8”, from the album “Trost”, which explores sonic narrative and sound research. “FETISCH PARK explore Religion and Sexuality – the first ever cultural testimonies of the human race. As long as people exist as they are now, walking on two legs, possessing this physical appearance, erotics will never be boring. We live because of our sexuality and are able to dream because there is something in our spirit we call ‘Erotic’.
Sexuality is something we have in common with other animals. Erotics is the expression of spirit and soul (a privilege of the human race).
FETISCH PARK, founded in 1989, participate in exhibitions, cinema festivals, sound projects, live performance, slide presentations, readings, actions, fairs and television, in Germany and throughout Europe.”

— MARLON SHY (painter, writer, photographer, video artist)
(born 1956 in Olpe / Germany)

Marlon Shy has travelled for many years in Africa, where she spent some time during her childhood, as well as travelling in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Himalayas and India, where the idea developed for a sound research project involving Indian and German musicians.”