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“Audio visual project by Marcin Ozog and Pawel Cieslak, acting from 2005.
Music of Ben Zeen is a mixture of analogue modular synthesizer sound controlled by theremin and and ribbon controller, laptops which generate deconstructed, transformed loops and samples from combined sources which are basis for additional effects, external sound sources, prepared instruments and field recordings. The whole setup is controlled by numerous knob, touch and optical controllers.
Ben Zeen is concentrated on making sound collages with extremely open structure, created in the process of improvisation. Ben Zeen uses, confronts and exceeds methods, forms and conventions which are characteristic for different trends of contemporary music. Elements of minimalism, repetitive music, musique concrete or noise are collated into eclectic, undetermined and surprising forms. Ben Zeen scopes on physical/material aspects of sound introducing and accenting in electronic music the physical/body control over electronic and analogue prepared instruments. By this means performance dimension of music is the crucial element of Ben Zeen attitude.
Ben Zeen isn’t a lab or studio project. Making perfect, worked-up form is not its goal. Contrary Ben Zeen attitude can be described in categories of improvisation, intuition, indetermination, and the forms created by band are more kaleidoscopic, mazy or rhizomatic in character. “