Live In Auckland

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“Francisco Lopez, […] has delivered a long line of releases of music made with field recordings. As perhaps known, at least to his dedicated followers, he is now releasing his best live recordings. I have no idea how he selects these. Recording quality? Performance of the piece? Uniqueness of the piece? But he surely travels around the world, and he was in Auckland, New Zealand where he played a forty some minute piece, in which we find him in a somewhat different mood. Perhaps an unique performance? For this piece he seems to be using rhythmical machine sounds at the start, which will later on return. Also insect sounds from tropical rain forests are used, but only in a small portion of the piece. The machine like sounds form the bigger part of this piece, which isn’t that silent at all. The silent approach is rather something he uses on his studio releases, and live things are, well, just different. It’s a great piece building to a large crescendo at the end – another Lopezian trademark. Very fine work. “ (FDW)