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“Dion Workman, a native of New Zealand now based in New York, is a composer and improviser of experimental computer music. For over a decade Workman has been articulating a unique sonic vision exploring the extreme edges of musicality, “sound art” and the audible world.
Workman performs regularly throughout North America, Europe, New Zealand and Australia and his many solo and collaborative recordings have received critical acclaim. In 2003 Workman was awarded the Max Brand Prize for innovation in electronic and electro-acoustic music by the Austrian Cultural Forum for his composition ‘Ching’ (Antiopic, 2003).
In 2004 Workman founded TMP a research collective of sound artists and theorists investigating the relationship between sound and psycho-geography. TMP research projects involve the manipulation of sound in public spaces and the creation of vastly spatialized sonic pieces where “composition” becomes the act of moving through space.
Mattin uses computer (& guitar) feedback to accentuate the processual and instant character of the improvisation performance. Feedback is self generated and self sufficient.

Much of Mattin’s exploration in sound is rooted in contrast. The contrast of extreme high and low volumes, and between the digital and physical sound of the computer (exposing the monopoly of detached amplification in sound delivery).”